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BIM Specialist is a consulting partner for anyone tackling the rapidly chaging terrain of Building Information Modeling.  We are based in Lexington, KY and have 15 years of experience with Autodesk products and 8 years of practical experience working in Autodesk Revit.  We're here to help Architects, Engineers and Contractors improve their return on investment with Autodesk Revit and finally start to get the most from the BIM process.  We are extremely enthusiastic about the benefits of BIM and want to help everyone share in those benefits.  If you're using Revit already or planning to start in the near future, contact us to see what we can do to take your efforts to the next level!  We're confident we can come up with ways to improve your results, streamline and standardize your processes and help you get better information from models to improve design and construction outcomes.  Not sure if BIM is worth it? We'd be more than happy to sit down and persuade you.  If you're ready we can help make sure things go the way you expect.  We stay on top of BIM and pass the rewards to our clients.

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Our Vision

BIM and VDC offer building owners, designers, engineers and constructors the best chance to get a project completed with as few headaches, additional costs and schedule problems as possible.  But it does need to be used correctly to get there.  Having a tool this powerful at our disposal and not using it to its full advantage is, quite simply, a waste of money and effort.  Recent studies by McGraw Hill show that the more deeply committed a company is to Building Information Modeling, the greater the return on their investment they see -- in short, it doesn't pay to dabble.  We see a future where designers will create and share informative 3D databases with a diverse design team, utilizing collaborative tools to ensure coordination and analytical software to test designs in order to arrive at the best solution.  We see a future where the best solution is communicated to contractors clearly and without errors.  We see a future where the best design is virtually constructed and coordinated before any construction begins.  We see a future where construction jobs are performed once - confident that they were performed correctly and in agreement with the design intent.  Most importantly we see amazing solutions constructed on time and within budget.  We see Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design & Construction as a key mechanism in acheiving that future.  It is the mission of BIM Specialist LLC to help improve the success of BIM implementations and BIM projects through research, education, training and partnering.  We can provide anything from informal coaching and mentoring to co-located assistance or BIM Management on projects.  Explore our site for more on Building Information Modeling, Virtual Design and Construction, and other topics as we enrich our site.

Broad Experience - Deep Expertise

As there are only a handful of Autodesk Revit® Certified Professionals in Kentucky, I am proud to be one of them.  I began working with Revit 8 in 2005 and have Professional Certifications in Revit 2010 and 2013.  I am a regular Autodesk University attendee, a participant in the CSI BIM Practice Group and BIM Specialist makes every effort to stay up to date with the most current best practices, techniques, and technologies available to support Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design & Construction.  We use the most current version of the Autodesk Building Design Suite, dynamic project-collaboration web services, and high-end, professional workstations with i7 multicore processors, and a variety of mobile devices.  But there is more to BIM than software and hardware.  We have over 15 years experience in the AEC industry.  I hold a B.Arch from the University of Kentucky and I am a LEED Accredited Professional.  


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