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Virtual Design & Construction

Construction coordination using BIM is a fast growing aspect of our industry.  According to the latest SmartMarket Report by McGraw-Hill, the adoption rate of BIM by contractors has increased to 74% (more than architects and engineers.)  Increasingly complex projects with tight budgets and low profit margins require focus on constructibility, careful jobsite planning, and coordination of trades to reduce rework and lost time.  However, design models from architects and engineers (when available) often reflect design intent and not real products included in bids or realistic installations.  In close quarters, the difference of a few inches can create headaches for all trades involved.  BIM Specialist has experience working with contractors to ensure dimensional accuracy and well coordinated construction models.  Giving your installers in the field an understanding of the often unseen context of their work can improve efficiency and reduce the likelyhood of rework significantly -- leading to smoother projects.


What We Can Do

If your company has been asked to produce 3D models for construction coordination, BIM Specialist can assist you in assembling and managing 3D files from other trades, create custom content for use in your models, and help smooth the learning curve as you transition to BIM and Virtual Design.  We can also help you take the coordinated model and produce clarification and shop drawings for the installers to make sure what is coordinated virtually ends up correct in the field as well.

If you are an architect or engineer or a contractor working together with a design team, BIM Specialist can help improve the creation of design models that can be passed down-stream for construction coordination.  When teams collaborate early, well planned and executed Building Information Models can help streamline the RFI process and prevent work stoppages by identifying and resolving issues before construction starts.


Construction Coordination

Working with You

Because a collaborative approach is the spirit of BIM, we pride ourselves on our broad experiences and familiarity with many types of construction, projects, disciplines and teams. We enjoy helping people with their BIM issues and helping our clients further their causes.  We'll work with you to determine your needs, goals and dreams with regard to Building Information Modeling and do our best to help you with all three.

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