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What's New?

BIM Specialist LLC is constantly evolving to keep up with industry best practices, new software, and workflow trends.  We take pride in adding new skills and experience to our "utility belt", as Dr. Dennis Hong of RoMeLa Robotics puts it.  We push the limits of our ssoftware to improve designs and production processes.  Check back often to see what's new!



Attending The Firm of the Future: Big Picture Trends Shaping the Future of Architecture Firms - AIA Practice Management Webinar



Revit Site and Structural Design

I think we have officially taken every Revit Class offered by Advanced Solutions at this point.  Looking at the BIM process through the eyes of team members outside of architecture has been rewarding and reinforced my belief that teams make good projects not architects.  However, a good architect can be crucial to making a good team.  While not an earth-shattering class, I picked up a few more tools for my BIM toolbox and that's what it's all about.


Revit for Project Managers

Stepping back from the details for a day.  Today is dedicated to the big picture.  We sat down for a rough pass over the Project Management perspective on Revit.  Autodesk has added some new features to Revit 2013 and 2014 to cut down on the work involved in managing projects.  This little class gave me some great ideas for building a variety of schedules to keep track of design criteria and production tasks.  Remember, successful BIM is more than knowing how to do what you used to do in new software, you need to develop new approaches to old tasks to get the most from it.


Focusing on Mechanical and Electrical Design in Revit this week

Continuing our efforts to broaden our skills with Revit, we are focusing on Mechanical and Electrical design in the Building Design Suite version of Revit this week.  Our guide is Daniel A. Fluegeman, E.I., a Building Solutions Application Engineer at Advanced Solutions.  We hope to tackle Plumbing in the near future!


Brushing up on Revit Structure

Revit is a very broad application that covers a lot of disciplines.  In the second half of this year, we're brushing up on those disciplines we don't use everyday.  Last week we completed a refresher class on Revit Structure 2014.  Understanding the challenges of all the players in a project helps the BIM process go smoothly.  We feel that being familiar with the design and business processes of Structural Engineers helps inform the creation of Architectural models that help rather than hinder the efforts of the structural consultant.


We're learning Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2014 this week!

Navisworks is an important tool for coordinating teams that may use a variety of different software tools to perform their work.  A firm grasp of this tool is essential for serious BIM or VDC.


Attending Autodesk's BIM After the Tipping Point - Research Findings and Speculative Vision of Industry Future

Review of the McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report's findings and the implications of those findings.


Attending ReFAB PreFAB: The Practice and Science of Prefabrication at the Cutting Edge

AIA Webinar presented by Rice University graduates exploring new uses for prefabrication in construction.


Updated BIM Implementation Reading List on for 2013

We updated our Amazon Guide on Implementing Building Information Modeling today.  The revised reading list can be found here!


Attending CSI BIM Practice Group - BIM in Construction Series: Mortenson Construction

Mark Drzewiecki & Chris Allen, present Mortenson Construction's efforts in Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design & Construction.  Highlights include use of the buildingSMARTalliance's BIM execution plan, anticipating down-stream uses for Building Information Models, first-time quality in construction where you can't afford to make mistakes, collecting real-world data and feeding it back into construction models to maintain tolerances, and taking BIM into the field.  Great session! See our Facebook page or Twitter feed for some memorable quotes from the session.


IPD & BIM Symposium in Charlotte, NC - February 5th

On February 5th, we will be attending AIA Charlotte's 2013 Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling Symposium - A day long event featuring talks by Phil Bernstein, Howard Ashcraft Jr., and Mark Konchar.  The event is in conjunction with UNC Charlotte School of Architecture and will feature a presentation from professors about how the school's new computational curriculum is preparing students for BIM.  If you're planning to attend let us know!


Model Checking and Model Progression Specification (MPS) services offered.

BIM Specialist LLC is now offering Model Checking and Model Progression Specification (MPS) services for Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers.  Making sure a model is built properly is a key step in allowing others to benefit from using it.  We can evaluate your models or models received from other team members to determine the usability of those models for design coordination or as part of construction coordination in VDC.  Additionally we can help set up a Model Progression Specification for your project detailing exactly when and to what level of development (LOD) elements should be modeled.  This can be included in a full BIM Execution Plan or as a stand-alone document.


BIM Specialist is officially an LLC

While we have been around for several years in an informal capacity, we are now formerly an LLC.  Which means we will be trying to slowly gather our previous projects under one roof and hopefully spread the benefits of Building Information Modeling and other new technologies and processes to our local AEC community.